About Us

VAO architects was created in 2011, at a time when we were in the midst of a crisis. The figure of the architect was a little deteriorated: During the years of the Spanish property bubble, architects had been a figure that produced a lot of work. As a consequence of the amount of work, each project was not handled properly, and the architect's role was minimum.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of VAO architects is to try to step aside from this concept. Our mission is to consider the architect as an important figure throughout the process of design and execution of a project. We consider architects as an agent involved in each of their projects, thinking of each project as unique during which we should listen to our clients from the beginning with the aim of understanding their needs and reflect them in their project.

Our Creative Team

At VAO Architects we have a team qualified to carry out your idea and project, with a customized and professional service. We are a team of professionals in the field of architecture and design.

Our Role


Technical/administrative analysis regarding the feasibility of the project.


The fundamental premise in every line we draw.

Interior Design

Combination of elements, colours and textures customized according to your needs.

Procedures and Formalities

Preliminary administrative process for the viability of licenses.

Project Management

Quality control of execution and approval of materials and construction systems depending on the architectural project.

3D Architecture

Preview of the final result in 3D scenarios.


Projects of integral design of commercial facilities.


Analysis of the adequate lighting that will be used which involves the creation a specific atmosphere and comfort.


Replacement of existing construction elements.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Construction process that involves long-term economic savings and is environmentally friendly.

Turn key

Complete management of the design and construction process.