During the initial stage we try to get to know our client’s mindset, their concept of space, listen to their needs, strengths and weaknesses, requirements and requests, and the improvements and imperfections of their current space. This is a fundamental stage and will thus determine the entire project. An important exchange of information takes place, not only of conceptual but also graphical information in order to get familiar with the client’s preferences. It will also help us experience for a short period of time their work space and breath their main product.


Once we’ve studied all the information obtained in the previous phase, we begin to create distribution and design proposals. Always dependant on the client’s decision, different proposals are always suggested until reaching a project agreed by both parts. This is the longest stage since the definition of the new concept of space is proposed at a project level.


It is a vital requirement to carry out a control and monitoring of the work in order to guarantee a successful execution and to transfer the information from the technical documentation. Another important task in site management is to try to efficiently solve the inconveniences that often occur with the fundamental premise of not altering our design proposal and raising costs.


We offer the possibility of managing each and every one of these stages so that our client doesn’t have to worry. Generally, it is not usual to face a project, so we try to avoid any time-consuming inconveniences that this new process might mean for our client. We take care of everything. Our client only has to come with us in the initial stages. This will save us time, problems and money.